Are you aiming to be fully sustainable? It’s one thing to buy sustainable beauty products or clothes. But have you thought about the possibility of using a hemp car?

Hemp is a great way to ensure you’re using a natural and sustainable product that is durable and kind to the environment.

You can find hemp in a number of products today including nutritional food, building materials, jewelry, bags, biofuel, canvas, and more.

One of the latest and most innovative developments in the hemp world is the hemp car.

While the hemp car is still a prototype and not available for sale to the general public, it is an exciting development for the future of automobiles.

What is a hemp car?

When we talk about hemp cars, right now we’re talking about the body of the car.

In the future, someone may find a way to create more parts of the car from hemp. However, auto builders mainly use hemp for the body of the car right now.

A hemp car body is similar to a fiberglass body. The manufacturer uses layers of woven hemp fabric sealed with a binder. This creates a strong frame that can withstand dents better than steel.

The hemp plant is renowned for its durable and strong fibers. It’s only a matter of time until people use it for more things in transportation.

These types of cars are custom made, which can make them a lot more expensive than standard cars. Remember, there aren’t any factories that make hemp cars at the moment.

Factories and automated machinery make consumer cars affordable.

Even though it’s expensive, this eco-friendly auto has a lot going for it. It’s made from a fiber that is both lighter and stronger than standard car materials.

That makes it a win-win for people who like eco-friendly products that also perform well. Honestly, a hemp car is a dream come true for transportation sustainability.

Why should you get one?

Buying a car, or anything really, made from hemp is good for the planet. Hemp is a carbon-negative resource that is produced ethically. It’s a wonderful crop that people have used for thousands of years.

It was actually a popular material back in the 1700s and 1800s, as well.

These days it is making a comeback, however. More people are discovering the wide applications for hemp in today’s economy, and that’s a good thing.

Henry Ford made prototype hemp car back in the 1940s. It used hemp fibers in the frame along with soy and other plants.

Even today companies such as Renew are making prototypes for eco-car enthusiasts.

Hypothetically, if more companies made hemp cars, you could take one for a test drive.

The sad truth is hemp cars are bespoke products and are highly expensive. Unless you’re in the market for a Rolls Royce or something similar it’s unlikely you will be purchasing a vehicle made of this green material anytime soon.

Benefits of buying a hemp car

Renew’s car model is based on the chassis and engine of the Mazda Miata. The company installs a hemp fiber frame on top which offsets the carbon footprint of the car.

Amazingly, the body material brings the car’s carbon footprint to zero even though it still runs on gasoline. That’s the power of hemp.

As hemp grows it takes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Also, the plant grows super fast and farmers can harvest it several times per year.

This renewability is a massive plus for forward-thinking auto manufacturers.

Cars that offer a lower carbon footprint are fantastic for the environment and offer exciting new opportunities in transportation.

How can you get your hands on one?

Hemp cars aren’t really that easy to lay your hands on.

Right now, things are in the prototype stage. It could be many years before they are readily available at your closest dealership.

The future looks promising if you want a truly eco-friendly car. As time goes on, more and more carbon-neutral cars will be developed.

Stay tuned to find out when hemp cars will be a reality and as common as electric cars. You can find out more about Renew at this New York Post article.

It should only be a matter of time until these green autos become widely available.

In the meantime, there are plenty of great hemp products and solutions to keep your life packed with sustainable and ethical products.

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