As a dog owner, you probably like to keep your pooch in the latest and greatest threads. And you also want him to be safe and healthy. A hemp dog collar accomplishes just that.

It’s a stylish way to be sustainable. It’s great for your dog and the environment.

A hemp dog collar is a product that is made to last. That’s a good thing. Your dog can put his collar through a lot of abuse.

Hemp collars are non-toxic and designed with your dog’s comfort in mind.

What is a hemp dog collar?

A hemp dog collar is just a dog collar made of hemp fibers. Producers weave these fibers into yarn which they then knit into a dog collar.

This natural fiber adds durability and strength to the collar. In fact, people have used hemp for ropes for hundreds of years.

Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibers available. Don’t worry, the collar won’t have any THC to get your dog high.

What is a hemp dog collar made from?

Hemp collars are made using hemp fibers. The collars are anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic for you and your dog’s peace of mind.

A collar made using hemp is 100% safe and is very durable so you won’t have the same issues you might have with other dog collars.

The process of making the collar remains the same as any other dog collar. You simply get a natural product that is better for the environment.

How it benefits you

One of the main benefits of having a hemp dog collar is the natural antimicrobial quality of hemp. The plant contains compounds that combat bacteria and other microorganisms.

If you have a dog, you know that smell can be an issue sometimes. Well, at least other people may tell you that.

Anyway, this collar won’t grow mold and it will fight odors on its own. That means it will last longer and you won’t have to worry about getting Fido a new collar as often.

Another big benefit is that hemp fibers are very strong. In fact, you could say they are super strong. It’s one of the strongest fibers in nature.

That means your dog wouldn’t be able to just casually rip this collar. They also wouldn’t be able to bite right through it.

Hemp fibers last three times longer than cotton and offer dog collars some awesome longevity.

How it benefits the environment

Also, you help out the environment when you use hemp products. We all want to protect the environment and a hemp dog collar does just this.

The hemp is a sustainably grown product. It yields more material than cotton per acre—about twice as much, in fact. The plants grow tall and close together and farmers can harvest them after four months.

The roots also don’t deplete the soil. That means farmers can grow hemp on the same land many times over.

Hemp is easy to grow, needs little irrigation and can be grown in a wide range of locations and environments.

Renewable crops are becoming more important for the industries of today. As countries set restrictions on fossil fuels and non-renewable resources, hemp may become even more important.

Using hemp is sustainable and helps to boost the organic and natural textile industry. When you use hemp, you help to promote a growing industry that supports local economies all around.

Buying sustainable products also helps the environment, of course. It’s great to know that you are buying products that have not had a serious impact on the earth.

Where can I get one?

At the end of the day, if you want to help the earth and your dog, a hemp dog collar is a good place to start.

Buying natural products like this can help keep your pets safe. It means that no chemicals or toxins can leak into your dog’s skin. If you have a dog that needs a new collar, what do you have to lose?

You might be able to find some in a store near you, depending on where you live. If not, there are tons of online shops that carry them, too.

To start, check out earthdog or The Good Dog Company. Both of these places offer some great options for eco-friendly dog collars.

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