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Who is GHA?

Sustainable and Ethically Sourced Products, Mitigating Climate Change,
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Who We Are?
“A one stop shop” for Hemp Professionals

GHA is THE PREMIER NETWORK for hemp professionals. Our members are vetted and active, many with decades of experience in the hemp industry. Whatever your specialty, we can help you make the connections you need to grow.

Unity and collaboration are key drivers that power GHA. Our members, partners, and associates come from locations across the planet. A shared planet that needs our help to mitigate climate change, in part with hemp. GHA recognizes the challenges, needs, and opportunities within the hemp industry, and the importance of working together on this critical issue at hand. It is necessary to strengthen the hemp industry supply chain and each of the players involved now and in the future to make a meaningful impact.

Through GHA, the premier hemp networking group, members gain access to funding and top-tier research, potential board, advisory board, and committee appointments, form relationships and collaborate on projects focused on propelling the industry forward. This expanding network is made up of leaders, go-getters, and serious professionals ready to take this industry to the next level.

GHA Mission

The Global Hemp Association is committed to advancing the sustainable cultivation, harvesting,
processing and utilization of hemp to promote environmental goals and create products that benefit our country and the world. We are a national and international organization that reaches individuals in over 70 countries. We strive to accelerate the development of viable hemp- farming and business models that can create hemp products for building materials, insulation, packaging materials, paper and cardboard, textiles for upholstery and clothing, bio-plastics, specialty bio-fuels, food for humans and eventually animal feed and bedding, cosmetics and health inducing products.

We work by building information and education networks and via face to face communication of
members who share their expertise with one another. Global Hemp Association can advocate
with others on legal standards and regulatory developments beneficial to the hemp industry. Via
its affiliate 501(c)(3), Friends of Hemp, we perform important agricultural research, as well as research about the public understanding of hemp and its products, and we can run educational programs to reach all aspects of American and international society about this sometimes misunderstood plant.

GHA is the best connector of professionals in the hemp industry

“It is an absolute pleasure being a member of the GHA and I have made so many wonderful connections.
The amount of education I receive is unlike any other organization that I am a part of.”

—Shane Mutter, SVP, Santa Fe Farms

Active Projects

  • Hemp Seed Variety Trials (Fiber Variety) to gather replicable data for farmers, educators and businesses
  • Support Industry Leaders to secure funding and grants
  • Secure additional partnerships and collaboration with Universities and Educational Institutions
  • Develop standards that will elevate consistency across all verticals
  • Influence legislative policy at the highest government levels
  • On-farm education events-engage with farmers from across the US
  • Create an integrated, inclusive database for peer-reviewed research
  • Evaluate performance of 10 major fiber varieties, across six U.S. regions using comprehensive agronomic indicators
  • Build consumer demand through public education

Like many of our members, we get excited about hemp. And what’s not to like? It’s versatile, full of nutrition, and can used in everything from food to fuel.

After lots of research into every corner of the industry, we realized that in spite of the exciting work by numerous organizations to contribute to the awareness and growth of hemp, each was clearly targeted to specific industries or regions.

None of them worked to unify the hemp market into a single, thriving ecosystem.


That’s what GHA does. we bring together every hemp professional.

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