WAFBA Awardees of Excellence at NoCo8!


The GHA & WAFBA Award of Excellence Dinner was fantastic! We received hundreds of nominations for the different categories. The room was sold out and everyone was dressed up – Ya’ll looked AMAZING. The industry came together to support one another and celebrate our accomplishments. The long hours and hard work putting this event together was WORTH IT!

We would like to present again the winners for each category. Winners are based on your nominations received.

WAFBA Awards of Excellence

The Best New Tech Award – The companies and individuals who were nominated in this category are people or groups whose work is at the forefront of the industry with their game-changing technical tools for improvement and impact to further the hemp industry. Their brand has grown exponentially over the last year, whose product or services filled a gap in the market or both.

Cree Crawford and Ionization Labs
Robert Ziner and Canadian Industrial Hemp Corporation
Greg Wilson and HempWood
Rick Bonde and Boulder Creek Technologies
Corbett Hefner and Formation Ag

Carbon Solution Award – The nominees in this category are known for Acting as change agents through their processes and efforts by creating ways to reduce carbon emissions with their own practices and/or through the products they produce. They lead the way in lowering their carbon footprint while providing direction for others to do the same in the joint effort against the carbon crisis.

Cole Gibbs
James Gaspard
Sergiy “Doctor Hemphouse” Kovalenkov
Allan Brewster
Bruce Dietzen

Community Economic Impact Award – The individuals nominated were selected as finalists for being the change. Individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary stewardship by positively impacting their community through job creation and opportunity, contributing to clean-up, strengthening financial stability, inclusivity, and leading by example. These finalists are dedicated to educating their community and developing bonds that will further their social impact.

Chad Rosen
Judy Wicks
Melissa Nelson
Ken and Morgan Elliot
Franny Tacy

Elevation Award – The people nominated in this category were nominated for being individuals who drive the industry forward by breaking down barriers thus paving the way for others. They are advocates who focus on developing others while being committed to their own personal development. Their impact goes beyond the industry with values leading them to influence positive change for marginalized, medically challenged, or under-resourced individuals, communities, and nonprofits.

Carl Martel
Steve DeAngelo
Carla Boyd
Jamie Campbell Petty
Jacob Waddell

Legacy Award – This award is to honor a remarkable person whose legacy has and will continue to embolden others. Their legacy is well respected, and their efforts have not gone unrecognized. Their passion for hemp having never wavered with perseverance remaining steady through the challenges they may have faced over time. Tonight we honor their Legacy.

Tim Shaughnessy
Dion MarkGraaff
Diana Oliver
Steve Levine
Mark Linday

Mother Earth Award – This award is to honor a woman whose entrepreneurial spirit has ushered a new era of business leaders through her skills and execution in agriculture. She is a visionary who has cultivated relationships through education, inclusivity, and collaboration. Her determination and dedication support our farmers and contribute immensely to building the supply chain making her a trailblazer and inspiration to others.

Clarenda Stanley
Melissa Nelson
Courtney Moran
Winona LaDuke
Alicia Fall