A global industry needs unity, and Global Hemp Association members come from every corner of the planet. A planet that needs our help to mitigate climate change, in part with hemp. Through GHA, the hemp networking group, members gain access to funding and top level research, form relationships and collaborate on projects.

Our members are vetted industry professionals involved with every aspect of industrial hemp. Farmers, scientists and researchers, Fortune 500s, fashion designers, construction professionals and more.

Sustainable and ethically sourced products. Mitigating climate change. Regenerative agriculture. That’s hemp. And that’s you. And that’s us.

“Your tireless advocacy & passion is what the industry needs to open up to collaborating. Alliances are the only way iHemp will compete toe-to-toe with nylon, fiberglass, cotton, wood, & plastic.”

—Patrick Harrap, Founder, Canfiber Inc.

“GHA is a unique opportunity because of the role played by Mandi Kerr: She is the one with the specific knowledge about all her members and guests. She knows what people “do” as well as what they are looking for. Thanks to Mandi, GHA is a one stop shop.”
—Robert Ziner, Founder & CEO, Canadian Industrial Hemp Corporation

Grow Your Hemp Business

“A one stop shop” for Hemp Professionals

That’s how one of our members described Global Hemp Association. 

One of the first things that happens after you join GHA is a 30 minute discovery call with CEO, Mandi Lynn Kerr. 

She knows where to find the research you need to move your project forward, who’s offering funding, who’s buying crops and who’s selling. She makes it her mission to know what everyone has and needs to be successful.

Whether you have a strictly industrial hemp business or want to use the plant to make your supply chain more sustainable, we have what you need to grow the hemp industry. Relationships and collaboration. Research and data. Grading and standard development. Funding. Marketing.

Hemp Bud

Join the Global Hemp Association

GHA is THE networker for hemp professionals. Our members are vetted and active, many with decades of experience in the hemp industry. Whatever your specialty, we can help you make the connections you need to grow.

When you join GHA, you get access to directories, hours of content, events, and so much more. You get to sit at the table as we discuss the future of hemp, breakthrough hemp uses, and new regulations.

Want more than invaluable connections? Find out what other perks you get with membership.

By joining GHA, you’ll have live access to all of our meetings:

  • Monthly networking meeting
  • Carbon credits
  • R&D tax credits
  • Carbon drawdown
  • Textiles
  • Seed trials
  • Soil, farming, and regenerative agriculture
  • Construction and hemp building materials
  • Technology
  • Our education series spotlighting different members and leaders in the hemp industry

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“Yesterday, I sat in on your Carbon Sequestration discussion – my first GHA meeting. I left the meeting excited by the knowledge level of the participants and the cooperative spirit.”

—John Carpenter, President, BastLab LLC

 Global Hemp Association & Friends of Hemp will work with an independent research team in 2022 to conduct variety  trials to bridge research-based information to farmers and the hemp industry. The results will help build a sustainable supply chain that is crucial for the success of hemp  businesses and pressing needs for our and future generations.

Your donation today helps support research, consumer education, on farm education, and standard development.

“Highly recommend – excellent quality content, robust participation, and meaningful connections made weekly! JOIN GHA TODAY.”
—Kristen Ujazdowski, COO, ThinkHemp

Grow an Industry, Build a Platform

So how do you build an industry around a plant that was once illegal? How do you bring people together when almost every social media platform heavily censors anything that mentions a plant? 

You build your own platform. And that’s what we did.

Hemp Hallway is our community platform and most of the magic of our group happens there. When you join the hundreds of members who are already part of GHA, you’ll have full access to everything the Hallway has to offer, including historical and university-level research. 

Have a look and try out a meeting.  

Meet People, Talk Hemp

People like GHA because we make it all about you and the plant. Take a test run—try out one of our networking meetings and if you like what you see, we would love to have you join us.

We have over 400 hours of recorded interviews and group meetings discussing all things associated with hemp, including the supply chain and industrial applications. And most of the interviews are just sitting on our YouTube channel. 

Have at ‘em. 

Learn everything you want to know about growing the hemp supply chain and then if you want more, or want to connect with the people in the interviews, join GHA. We would love to have you.

“The GHA has become our “go-to” resource for all things HEMP! From regular webinars to networking opportunities, Mandi and her team are the definitive leaders in the hemp industry.”

—Ralf Kaiser, Director, Auka Capital Corp.

“Yesterday, I sat in on your Carbon Sequestration discussion – my first GHA meeting. I left the meeting excited by the knowledge level of the participants and the cooperative spirit.”

—John Carpenter, President, BastLab LLC

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“This platform adds value, credibility, and brings business leaders together to share their knowledge in support of America’s growing hemp industry. Your efforts dedicated to helping small family farmers rebuild their local communities is exactly what this industry needs right now.”

—Joe Hickey Sr., Founding Board Member, Kentucky Hemp industries Association

Your Support Builds the Industry

We also collaborate with universities and independent research groups to publish National Seed Trials. Hemp needs data to move into the mainstream. We’re creating it.

Sponsors of GHA are front and center at our hemp events. You help standardize and legitimize this green industry, reach more hemp professionals, create more educational content and networking opportunities, and support hemp regulations and standards.


Join the Effort

Our membership stretches across the globe. What unites this diverse group? We believe the hemp industry is varied, vast, and on an incredible growth trajectory.

Sponsoring GHA means helping us reach more hemp professionals, providing more educational content and networking opportunities, and supporting hemp regulations and standards.

A Note From Founder, Mandi Kerr

We are at the forefront of an industrial revolution. We’re creating opportunities for farmers, processors and manufacturing to become more sustainable and participate in the elimination of GHG.  

The innovation in this group is INCREDIBLE. The people and things that they are fighting for, their ‘why’ is so much more than money. They have passion and drive to make positive change for the planet and its people.

Corporate Members