Hemp ink is another great product that is used as a substitute for traditional ink. It’s mainly used in the tattoo industry.

The purpose of using hemp ink for tattoos is twofold. First, people like knowing the ink they use is made with sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients. Second, hemp oil helps with the damage that tattoos cause to the skin. Hemp oil has antioxidants. These can help calm the inflammation that happens after receiving a tattoo.

What is hemp ink?

Generally, manufacturers make ink out of four parts. The first part is a colorant, also known as a pigment or dye. The second part is a vehicle or binder which holds things together. Third, manufacturers use additives to change the texture and other qualities of the ink. And fourth is a carrier substance that helps prevent clumping and improve how the skin accepts the ink.

There’s a tricky thing with tattoo ink. Tattoo ink is classified as a cosmetic by the FDA. That means companies don’t have to disclose the exact formula of their ink to the public. It’s a trade secret. That’s nice for the company, but not so nice for people who want to know the ingredients of their tattoo ink.

Most additives and carriers in inks are inedible and not very biodegradable. However, more and more companies are using plant-based ingredients instead of ingredients derived from petroleum. In the 1970s, rising oil prices actually made many newspaper companies consider soy as an ingredient in their ink. Today, new developments like the 2018 Farm Bill are enabling companies to think about hemp in a new way.

People can use hemp oil in industrial applications like lubricants, fuel, and varnish. In addition to that, some tattoo ink companies are incorporating hemp oil into their ink. This organic substance is friendly to the earth and sustainable.

In ink, hemp oil can sit in as a binder or carrier. People can also incorporate it as a natural additive to aid in the healing process. This substitution means that you are using hemp seed oil in the product and no toxic chemicals.

Are there any benefits?

It is fair to say there are plenty of benefits of using hemp ink. Since producers grow hemp organically, the ink contains fewer chemicals.

Remember, tattoo ink companies don’t actually have to say what’s in the bottle. There’s a chance it could contain toxic materials. Hemp inks look the same and work the same as normal ink, but it avoids the possibility of toxic chemicals.

If you have allergies and are thinking about getting a tattoo, speak to your tattoo artist about the different inks that are available. Hemp is hypoallergenic, so there’s less of a chance of your skin getting irritated from the ingredients in the ink.

Another great thing about hemp ink is that hemp can be called a “super crop.” That means it provides more useable material per acre than trees or cotton. It also is very renewable. Farmers can harvest fully-grown hemp in about five months. They can also use the same soil to plant many generations of hemp. Really, it’s like a giant weed that we can use for many different things.

Why should you use it?

If you want a tattoo ink that’s safe and good for the environment, try hemp ink. Since interest in hemp is growing, we can expect to see even more products with hemp in the coming years. In the future, it may not be an “alternative” material anymore. It could be the go-to option for anything from clothing to beauty products.

Fairtrade and organic hemp can help keep the level of toxins in our daily lives to a minimum. If you are looking for a product that also allows you to be more green in your everyday life, hemp ink is a great option.

You can buy hemp ink online in a range of green and hemp stores. Also, you can create it yourself using an ink recipe or henna dye recipe online. Hemp is the way of the future. Also with a quick search, you can see how companies already use hemp in a wide range of products.

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Explore the world of hemp and start switching over to products that are good for the environment.

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