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The hemp industry is on the rise. Hemp is on the cutting edge of—if not all—emerging markets. Biofuel, green construction materials, superfoods, natural cosmetics, sustainable clothing are all looking to hemp production to become more environmentally and consumer friendly.

Global Hemp Association will help you reach professionals at every level: farmer, manufacturer, and service provider.

When you join GHA as a sponsor you’re also supporting everything the industrial hemp industry represents:

  • Sustainable farming and production
  • Promoting healthy, plant-based nutrition
  • Biofuel research
  • Alternative, clean building materials

Do you see a trend here? While we can’t claim that hemp will save the world, we definitely believe it!

Join us! This isn’t just another trend or business opportunity—though it’s lucrative and on track to grow by billions in the next 5 years—it’s set to revolutionize every market it touches.

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