Hemp is empowering indigenous people—providing them with better housing, more control over their natural resources, and generating a self-reliant system of jobs.

High Grade Hemp Seed, a leader in hemp genetics, sat down with Roger Fragua, CEO of Cota Holdings, to discuss the impact that hemp has had on his tribe, from eco-friendly hemp fiber building materials to new jobs in hemp farming and extraction.

“Hemp doesn’t just represent cultivating plants, but really cultivating ideas and cultivating new businesses and coming in with a fully integrated approach, and that makes a lot of sense to Indian country.” – Roger Fragua

As a regenerative crop, hemp farming also positively impacts our environment and carbon footprint. Since hemp plants grow much quicker than trees while offering similar levels of carbon-capture, hemp fiber is an alternative to rainforest logging.

To learn more about the impact hemp is making for indigenous peoples and the environment, watch the discussion with Roger Fragua on the High Grade Hemp Seed website.


A founding company within hemp’s resurgence, High Grade Hemp Seed produces best-in-class hemp genetics and powers economic and environmental sustainability as the newest partner in Santa Fe Farms’ rapidly growing hemp ecosystem.

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Mandi Kerr
Author: Mandi Kerr