This week on the hemp podcast we learn about the Global Hemp Association’s variety trials that span eight states in six geographical regions.

Our first guest is Mandi Kerr, founder and CEO of the Global Hemp Association, which, according to Kerr is “a platform of entrepreneurs, manufacturers, farmers, distributors that have come together to support and build the industrial hemp industry.”

One way GHA is building the hemp industry is by conducting variety trials.

In conjunction with Kansas-based Performance Crop Research, GHA is growing 10 varieties of fiber hemp in various geographical regions across the country with the intent of providing its members with solid data about which varieties do best in each region.

Our second guest is Melissa Nelson-Baldwin — field scientist, hemp farmer and owner of Performance Crop Research — who has assembled a team of crop specialists specifically for these trials.

“We’re working with research scientists within the National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants,” Nelson-Baldwin said. “This is what everyone does full time. And so we chose crop research scientists that either had hemp experience or a lot of experience within the research space.”

This is the first year for the trials, but they will be conducted over many years to provide as much data as possible for farmers and processors.

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